You Smell like finger paint


I want to go over basis of fragrances because Mother’s Day is coming and fragrances makes the best gift to give on any occasion. Moms need to smell good!

So keep reading and i hope this was useful in some way =]

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» Oct 21,2013
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Japanese FairyDrops Mascara Rich Volume - review


I picked this mascara up the other day because I fell in LOVE with the cute packaging.

PRICE: $15 usd

Location of Origin: Japan

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» Jun 2,2013
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NARS Sheer Glow foundation

foundation shade in GOBI; foundation brush from adesign

I got this foundation during the Sephora’s VIB 20% off event and been wearing it every day since. I really only have good things to say about this foundation. I heard many people say that this foundation gets cakey the more you layered on or that it accentuate flakes, but honestly, this works great for me, i have no problem wearing it. I get the natural, dewy looking skin wearing this foundation. + it does provide medium coverage, which is good on an every day basis. However, i do think this foundation works best with a brush. When i used my fingers, the coverage and the way it wears on the skin is quite mediocre and streaky looking. So i definitely recommend using a brush with this foundation. It is quite pricey at 42 dollars but i think its worth it for the quality of the foundation and if you can score it at a discounted price. I highly recommend trying it.

» Dec 8,2011
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hey batter, batter, batter

How to choose & wear your mascara

Why are mascara so popular??

Wearing mascara will make your eyelashes look longer, fuller, darker, and thicker. It is an alternative to wearing false lashes!


How to choose the right mascara

This fully depend on what kind of lash effects you are looking for. Mascara can give you the extra boost in length, volume, and ultimately giving you a more defined look to your eyes.

When you choose mascara, take notes of the mascara wand. The shape of the wand is just as crucial as the formula itself. The shape of the wand is what will guarenteed the effects that you want.

Here are the four basic wand shapes:

Wand shape 1: You can see how evenly distribute the bristles are. This wand and formula for this particular mascara will create the effects of long and natural looking lashes. The reason behind this is when you coat your lashes, each strand will be defined evenly creating that natural look effect.

Wand shape 2: Now, this wand is very similar to the first one. The only differences is instead of even bristles, you get uneven bristles that are not spaced together. The reason behind the spacing is because when you apply with this particular wand to your lashes, it will grab and group your lashes between the space, creating the effects of a more dramatic, darker, and a more voluminous look.

Wand shape 3: doesn’t this look funny? =] this wand have a very solid made shape. It is brush-like and the effects created from this wand will lengthen your lashes dramatically. The way the wand is build, the solidness of it will provide a thicker coating to your lashes and this will give to the effects.

Wand shape 4: The comb shape wand is my favorite to use! This wand creates similar lash effects as wand shape #3 however, with the exception of having a more define lenghtening and your lashes will look strikingly prominent!

other strangely shape wand:

wand 1 shape is similar to basic wand 2 category above

wand 2 shape is similar to basic wand 3 category above

wand 3 shape is similar to basic wand 1 category above

wand 4 shape is similar to basic wand 1 and 2 category above

wand 5 shape is similar to basic wand 3 and 4 category above

How to use your mascara To grab the mascara from the tube always avoid the pumping motion with the wand. Pumping the mascara wand repeatedly into the tube will dry out your mascara much quickly. Instead, the correct way to grab mascara from the tube is to do the 360 degree movement. To do this, just swipe the side of the tube with your mascara wand in a circular motion to grab products from the tube. This will prevent the mascara from drying out and also from any bacteria infection.

Conclusion Every mascara will create a different effect, hence there are no one perfect mascara out there. Pick one according to your personal preferences. If you like natural looking yet want dramatic length and etc, don’t be afraid to mix and match your mascara. Just have fun and experiment =]

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Review: NARS Powder Foundation

My FIRST EVER Nars product =]

PRICE: $45 usd

Location of Origin: USA

Weight: 0.4 oz

Product Description: (taken from

Nars Powder Foundation introduces a lightweight formula that provides flexible coverage and protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays. Enclosed in a luxury compact, Powder Foundation combines the ease of a powder with the performance of a foundation for a polished complexion. Incredibly versatile, Powder Foundation may be applied with a powder brush for a sheer and natural finish; applied with the sponge applicator for a polished and smooth finish; or applied over Nars liquid foundation for a high-performance, flawless finish. Unique to Nars Powder Foundation are the inclusion of active ingredients that offer dual protection against UVA and UVB rays. With an SPF 12, Powder Foundation offers protection against UVB rays, and the addition of PA++ indicates optimal protection against UVA rays that may lead to premature signs of aging, dark spots, and wrinkles.



I really like NARS packaging. It feels bulky and sturdy, but i prefer that. I know some people who doesn’t but i personally do.

NARS powder also include a mirror for easy application.

AND Lifting the powder compartment up, NARS included a place to store your sponge. Pretty nifty.


My color match is in FIJI (light to medium skin with golden to yellow undertone) This was actually a little too dark on me. But will be a good match for NC25-NC30 skin tone.

This powder will not oxidize. and i think this is because of the nylon 12. As for shine…NOPE…i look matte the entire day. I didn’t get an oily forehead, chin, cheeks, or nose area. O.O sounds horrific. haha

Texture/Consistency & Blendabilty:

The powder is very fine in texture which melt right into my skin. It was very easy to apply with a sponge. I prefer sponge when using powder over a brush. Because i like more of a medium to full coverage look.


this is def. buildable from medium to full coverage.

Use a brush for sheer coverage and a sponge for heavier application. Either way, you will not get a cakey look…unless your face is very dry.

The Good

  • Packaging (i like the sturdyness)
  • The color match
  • Good Oil control
  • Easy application
  • daily SPF included

The Bad

  • Stay away if you have dry skin
  • for the price you paid, you get too little powder
  • the ingredients might be too much for sensitive skin.


sadly, being my first NARS purchase i did not like it very much. The powder was wayy to drying on my already dry skin. It gave me such a flawless look hiding almost all of my imperfection but left behind yucky flakes =[ The price of this product was wayy to much for such little product given. I love the convenient of this product as well as the sturdy packaging. Maybe i will only use this in the summer time when my skin isn’t too dry. I really want to love this product. grr~

REPURCHASE? Probably not. I will give it another go in the summer time.

I Rate: 3/5

Happy New Year 2011~!!!

I been away for so long!!! I been super busy with just about a lot of things in my life and haven’t the time to keep this place updated =]

I will be back updating regularly =] Thanks for sticking around!

» Jan 15,2011
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ADESIGN BRUSHES are having a SALE!!!

I been really out of the loop lately. I been busy with school and barely had time to do anything amazing…

But i really want to spread the words!

I was notified that Adesign Brush are having a sale on some discontinued brushes! They are making room for their up coming new line this fall. So take advantage of this amazing sale and grab some amazing brushes!

so click click click! and don’t miss out on this opportunity!


My Haul From IMATS 2010 Pasedena + ebay

It was so much fun! I didn’t take many photos but i did get to see some of my favorite Youtube Make-up Gurus =] The place was huge and super crowded, but i went with my friend and we both had a great time.

I’ll be showing you guys what i hauled at IMATS. I didn’t buy a whole lot but i definitely did get the stuff i wanted.

The extra package is from my ebay purchase 2 weeks ago and i’ll be showing that as well.

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IMATS 2010!!!

I’ll be attending IMATS this year!

» Jun 25,2010
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LORAC Little Black Palette - Review

Price: $32 ($72 value)

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Happy as a SKIPPER

Thank you adesign brushes for featuring me on your website, twitter, and of course facebook! I am super stoked and honor!

And for those who had e-mail me about international orders, please contact info@adesignbrushes.comThey will gladly help you with your request.